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Automated Airtable Ticketing Solution with TaskRobin


As a business owner or manager, you understand the importance of effective ticketing systems for managing your company’s tasks and communication efficiently. However, the process of saving and organizing emails in a structured manner can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Enter TaskRobin, the revolutionary Airtable integration that simplifies the email-to-ticket process and empowers you to create a seamless ticketing system right within Airtable. In this article, we will explore how TaskRobin can revolutionize your ticketing workflow, making your business more organized, productive, and responsive to customer needs.

1. Effortless Email-to-Ticket Conversion

TaskRobin offers a hassle-free solution to save emails as tickets directly into Airtable. Whether you receive emails from clients, customers, or team members, TaskRobin ensures that all essential attributes, such as contacts, subjects, and files, are seamlessly stored in the appropriate Airtable fields. With TaskRobin, you can effortlessly convert emails into actionable tickets, streamlining your workflow and making sure no important task slips through the cracks.

2. Creating and Updating a Contacts Table

Airtable filter emails by contact

TaskRobin takes your ticketing system to the next level by automatically creating and updating a dedicated Contacts table in Airtable. Each email is linked to a corresponding contact record, allowing you to quickly access all communication history with a particular individual or organization. This feature ensures that your team stays well-informed and enables them to provide personalized and effective responses to customers, fostering stronger relationships.

3. Organizing Emails with Auto-Generated Tags

Keeping your Airtable database organized is crucial for a smooth ticketing system. TaskRobin takes care of this by automatically creating tags in Airtable based on hashtags found in saved emails. These tags enable you to categorize and filter tickets efficiently, making it easier to search and prioritize tasks. Whether you want to label emails by urgency, project type, or any other relevant criteria, TaskRobin has got you covered.

4. Seamless Email Automation

TaskRobin doesn’t stop at just saving emails to Airtable. With its powerful email rule feature, you can automate the process further by forwarding specific emails directly to TaskRobin. This functionality lets you create customized workflows, ensuring that important email content is automatically transferred to the right Airtable tables and fields. No more manual copying and pasting – TaskRobin streamlines your ticketing system, saving you time and effort.

5. Advanced Automation Rules

Automatically fill in custom fields with custom values

One standout feature of TaskRobin is its support for automatically adding user defined texts or values in your custom fields. This empowers users to tailor their ticketing system to their specific business needs, adding relevant metadata automatically to each ticket record as it is created. This not only saves time but ensures consistency and accuracy in data entry. TaskRobin’s customization capabilities make it an adaptable tool that scales effortlessly as businesses grow.

6. Enhanced Collaboration and Accountability

In a team-based ticketing system, collaboration and accountability are paramount. TaskRobin’s integration with Airtable allows multiple team members to access and update ticket data in real-time. Assigning tasks, tracking progress, and setting due dates become more manageable, leading to increased productivity and a better customer experience.


TaskRobin presents a game-changing solution for Airtable business users seeking to establish a robust ticketing system. By seamlessly integrating email-to-ticket conversion, contact management, tags, and automation, TaskRobin streamlines your workflow and enhances collaboration. With TaskRobin, your business can respond promptly to customer inquiries, address tasks efficiently, and stay organized even during peak workloads.

If you want to create a ticketing system that centralizes your email tasks and ensures nothing falls through the cracks, TaskRobin is the ideal tool to supercharge your Airtable experience. Embrace the power of TaskRobin today and witness the transformation in your business’s productivity and customer satisfaction.