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Save Emails to Airtable

With it’s flexible structures and potential for automation, Airtable is a great tool to manage your projects, your businesses and just about everything else. However, one of the foundational building blocks of our business world today is emails. May it be customer requests, reports, newsletters… email is still the primary way to exchange information online, especially across organisations. Yet Airtable cannot easily integrate with emails. There is no native support for saving emails to your Airtable with a simple forward.

Our official Airtable extension is now available on Airtable Marketplace! Add the TaskRobin extension to your Airtable base to start saving emails to Airtable. Airtable Marketplace listing for TaskRobin extension

Save emails to Airtable

This is why we created TaskRobin. TaskRobin initially started as a project to integrate emails with Notion.so and we have now extended our service to Airtable! You can now clone our Airtable template, set up and then simply forward your emails to a robot private inbox and all your email information, such as subject line, message, sender, timestamp, and all your attachments, will be captured and saved to Airtable via API. Before you have the time to navigate back to Airtable in your browser, your email is already saved as a new row in your Airtable.

Send emails to different Airtables

Upload all attachments and important email data

All the attachments and inline files such as images copied into the message body, will all be saved directly to your Airtable record. So you will never have to navigate back to your email inbox, look for that particular email, and then download the attachments. You can do all that in one click from Airtable now!

Email Attachments in Airtable

Save via Forward, CC, BCC or Auto Forward

Furthermore, you can BCC or auto forward emails to your robot inbox to automatically save certain emails using your email provider’s inbox rules. Or perhaps you would like to tag and categorise your emails as you save them? No problem. Just add a #hashtag at the beginning of the email message as you forward them to your private inbox, and this email will be saved with a tag in Airtable! (Note: you do need to create a tag option under the ‘tag’ column first, and this has to match your #hashtag in the message body, case sensitive.)

Ready to give it a try? Sign up for a 7 day free trial to decide for yourself! We would love to hear your feedback and are eager to help you if you face any difficulties. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the web page live chat! We strive to help you seamlessly save or integrate your emails to your favourite productivity tools. Stay tuned!