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Integrate Gmail with Notion for Efficient Email Management

Notion is a great project management tool with it’s constant roll out of new features to allow Notion users to create practical and beautiful dashboards for various workflows. However, if you are using Notion professionally, you will notice that there is still not an easy, native way to save emails to Notion.

Notion Gmail Integration

Save emails from Gmail to Notion

However, there are third party integrations available that can help you to forward emails to Notion. TaskRobin is one of them and you can save emails to Notion with all your attachments and email meta data (sender, cc, subject, date etc.) with a simple email forward.

You can easily integrate email data into your existing Notion databases by linking the email meta data to specific database properties. Use #Hashtags at the start of your forwarded emails or in the subject to add tags to saved emails in Notion. Additionally, TaskRobin also gives you the option to create a Contacts table, effectively turning Notion into an email task management database.

Once you have everything setup to your liking, you can then turn on auto-forwarding to automatically save certain emails to TaskRobin.

Alright, great. But at some point in time, you will likely need to act on the original email. You will most likely try to search in your inbox based on what you remember about the subject line and sender email address, but it can be much easier if you use TaskRobin and you are a Gmail user!

So now we have saved emails to Notion, how can we quickly find them and respond to them in Gmail? The not-so-easy way is to manually copy and paste the browser URL to the original email and keep them in a property in Notion or somewhere in your Notion page. But we are all about automating the boring stuff!

Quickly find emails in Gmail

TaskRobin can quick link saved emails to Gmail

If you use TaskRobin to send emails to Notion, you should turn on the setting option Gmail: add a quick link to find original email in Gmail. Then, every saved email in Notion will include a quick link to Gmail that will do an advanced search in Gmail to find your email with high accuracy and precision. All it takes is one click and to browse through a few similar results in Gmail and then you will locate the original email!

Quickly open Gmail email from Notion

TaskRobin analyses your forwarded email to pick up the key meta data such as the subject line, sender, receipients, cc, date and attachments. With these information, TaskRobin will create an advance search query for Gmail. Once you click on the generated quick link URL, you will be taken to the Gmail search results page. The original email will be within the top few entries.


This Gmail advance search link will be added for you automatically and at no additional cost if you are a TaskRobin user. This is currently the best way to easily find any saved Gmail emails in Notion. Then, you are free to work your magic back in your Gmail inbox!