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Assign Email Tasks to a Personal Dashboard in Notion

It is almost inevitable that we deal with lots of emails every day. Emails from customers looking for support or from colleagues looking to collaborate. Once you have saved your emails to Notion with TaskRobin.io, how can you effectively manage these email tasks and assign it to your team mates?

We will show you how create a system to assign emails to a personal dashboard in Notion.

If you have no time, clone our template “Email Hub DUO” directly from TaskRobin’s suite of free+ templates. Then you can re-visit this guide when you need to onboard more members as email task assignees.

Key Notion components for today:

  • A central Notion database to store all emails saved to Notion - “Emails in Notion” database
  • Create individual “Task Inbox” pages for each of your teammate - “Daniel’s Email Tasks” database
  • A relational property that allows us to create a new task in the individual task inbox from the email database

Part 1: Create a central Notion database to store our saved emails

If you are using TaskRobin, this part is super easy.

All you have to do is to create a new blank Notion page of database type.

Go into your TaskRobin dashboard and connect the new page to TaskRobin. All email related Notion properties such as subject line, sender, cc, date, attachments etc. will be created for you automatically.

Emails saved to Notion database

Part 2: Create an individual email task page for our colleague, Daniel

Let’s create a new page in Notion which will contain all the email tasks to be assigned to Daniel. Start by creating a new Notion page with a new empty database. We will need a relational property in this dashboard to link to our “Emails in Notion” page so we can attach emails saved to Notion in Daniel’s dashboard view.

To do that, create a new property and choose “Relations” type under the Advanced section.

Relation property to Emails in Notion database

We want to turn on the switch for “Show on Emails in Notion” to create a two way link so that we can assign tasks to Daniel’s page without leaving the “Emails in Notion” page. And we will name the property “Assign to Daniel”, which will appear as a column in the “Emails to Notion” page and allow us to create tasks in Daniel’s dashboard directly.

Part 3: How to assign a saved email to Daniel

Navigate to your email hub in Notion, in our case, the “Emails in Notion” database.

You will see a column named “Assign to Daniel” that is linked to the “Daniel’s Email Tasks” individual dashboard created in Part 2.

Each row in “Emails in Notion” database is an email that you have saved to Notion. If you click on the cell corresponding to the “Assign to Daniel” in that row, you will see a pop up and you can start typing to create a task in “Daniel’s Email Tasks” page!

Assign email to a personal dashboard

Then, navigate back to “Daniel’s Email Tasks” page, you will see the new task that you have just created as a row in the table. And the “Emails in Notion” column for that row has linked to the email you assigned to Daniel from the “Emails in Notion” database.

It is pretty easy if you already understand how to use relations in Notion. Otherwise, it is also not too difficult. With a few practice, you will master the art and harness the power of being able to assign saved emails to your team and co-workers!