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Create Notion CRM System with TaskRobin's Auto Contact Management

Notion has become an incredibly popular platform for organizing information and building custom systems. As a Notion user, you may be looking to enhance your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities within the platform. TaskRobin, a powerful Notion integration, offers a range of features designed to streamline contact management and email organization. In this article, we will explore TaskRobin’s auto contact management feature and how it can benefit your CRM system on Notion.

Simplify Contact Management

TaskRobin automates the process of creating and updating a Contacts table in Notion, allowing you to effortlessly manage your contacts. When you save an email using TaskRobin, it extracts essential attributes such as contacts, subjects, and files and links them to the corresponding contact record. This feature enables you to quickly search for and access all emails associated with a particular contact, enhancing your ability to track and maintain client interactions.

Efficiently Organize Emails

One of the key advantages of TaskRobin is its ability to seamlessly save emails to Notion. By integrating with your email provider, TaskRobin simplifies the process of archiving important emails in Notion. With all email attributes stored as Notion properties, you can easily categorize and sort your emails, making it effortless to locate specific correspondence whenever needed.

Hassle-Free Tag Creation

TaskRobin introduces a clever feature that automatically creates tags in Notion based on hashtags found within saved emails. Hashtags are commonly used to categorize and group information, and TaskRobin leverages this functionality to further streamline your CRM system. The automatic tag creation feature allows you to quickly identify and filter emails based on specific topics or themes, providing you with a comprehensive view of your client interactions at a glance.

Customized Workflows

Map and auto fill Notion properties with email data

TaskRobin empowers you to create automated workflows that transfer email content to Notion. By setting up email rules, you can auto-forward specific emails to TaskRobin, enabling seamless integration between your email and Notion environments. This functionality allows you to tailor your CRM system to your specific needs, automating repetitive tasks and saving you valuable time.

How to Set Up Auto Contact Management with TaskRobin

Setup auto contact management in Notion with TaskRobin

Step 1. Create a New Notion Database

To begin setting up auto contact management with TaskRobin, you need to create a new Notion database specifically for managing your contacts. This database will serve as a central hub for all your client information and email correspondence.

Step 2. Associate the Notion Database with TaskRobin

Once you have created the Notion database, navigate to the TaskRobin dashboard page. Here, you will find the necessary integrations to connect TaskRobin with Notion.

Step 3. Configure Notion Email Integrations

In the TaskRobin dashboard, locate the section for Notion email integrations. You will need to associate the newly created Notion database with TaskRobin to enable the auto contact management feature. Follow the provided instructions to link the database with TaskRobin.

Automatic Property Creation

Once the database is linked to TaskRobin, it will automatically create the necessary properties within the Notion database. These properties include:

Auto create email contact in Notion with TaskRobin

Name: This property stores the contact’s name.

Email: This property stores the contact’s email address.

Related Emails: This property enables easy navigation to linked emails that are saved to Notion by TaskRobin.

First Contact Date: This property tracks the date of the first contact with the contact.

Last Contact Date: This property tracks the date of the most recent contact with the contact.

Website Domain: This property stores the domain of the contact’s website.

Utilizing the Auto Contact Management Feature

With the auto contact management feature set up, TaskRobin will automatically create new contacts from your saved emails and populate the associated properties in the Notion database. This allows you to keep track of your interactions with each contact and easily access their corresponding emails.

From the “Related Emails” property in the contact record, you can immediately navigate to the linked emails that TaskRobin has saved to Notion. Similarly, within the saved emails database, you can easily navigate to the contacts involved in a particular email using the linked property.


Setting up auto contact management with TaskRobin involves creating a dedicated Notion database, linking it to TaskRobin through the provided integrations, and letting TaskRobin automatically create the required properties for contact management. With this setup, you can effortlessly manage your contacts, track email interactions, and navigate between contacts and emails within Notion. TaskRobin simplifies the process of building a comprehensive CRM system on Notion, enhancing your productivity and organization.