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How to Save Emails and Attachments to Airtable

Airtable doesn’t allow you to save emails to a table directly, but TaskRobin can make that happen seamlessly.

Our official Airtable extension is now available on Airtable Marketplace! Add the TaskRobin extension to your Airtable base to start saving emails to Airtable. Airtable Marketplace listing for TaskRobin extension

Ready to give it a try? Follow this article for a step by step guide to how to setup you Airtable and TaskRobin account to save emails to Airtable with all your attachments. This guide assumes that you already have an Airtable and you are familiar with basic Airtable usage.

TaskRobin Setup: https://app.taskrobin.io/onboarding/airtable/setup

Save emails to Airtable with TaskRobin Part 1

Enter your email address from which you want to save emails to, for example, “daniel@gmail.com”.

Next, you will need to create an API key with write permission from your Airtable account. What is an API key? An API key allows TaskRobin to add items to Airtable tables in your account. To retrieve or create your API key, navigate to https://airtable.com/account.

Create or retrieve Airtable API key for TaskRobin

Under the Overview tab, you should see an “<> API” section. You can then create a new API key or copy the existing API key by clicking on the API key field. Your API key value should start with ‘key’, followed by 14 other alphabets and numbers, for example, “keyA1b2C3D4e5F6g7”.

Once you have entered your API key on the TaskRobin page, click “Next”.

Part 2: Copy Airtable template to store emails

Save emails to Airtable with TaskRobin Part 2

Now we are at the very last step of setting up TaskRobin. Essentially, we need to clone an Airtable template to your Airtable account so all email information like attachments, sender, from, timestamp and message body will be saved to the appropriate columns in Airtable.

Clone our Airtable base template at https://airtable.com/shrQ4tTejQXOZDVc4 with the “Copy Base” button on the top left. You will see that all columns are already created for you. Please do not modify the column properties of the existing columns else the TaskRobin integration may fail to save your emails. However, you can add more columns to the table to facilitate your workflows. There are also a few sample entries to show you how your emails will look like after it is saved to Airtable!

Airtable template for saving emails via TaskRobin

Once you have cloned the Airtable template to your account, open that table and copy the browser URL of that page and paste into TaskRobin’s onboarding form.

Part 3: Create a custom TaskRobin inbox to forward your emails

Finally, you can choose a custom robot inbox address which you will be sending, forwarding, BCC-ing the emails you would like to save to. This can be any valid email address ending with @taskrobin.io domain. For example, “airtabletasks@taskrobin.io”.

Click save and you are done! You can now send an email from your email address specified at the beginning of the setup to the TaskRobin robot inbox you created at the very last step to save emails to your Airtable template with all crucial information such as the timestamp, subject line, message, sender, CC, attachments and much more!