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How to fix emails not saved

We are super excited that you have started using TaskRobin to save your emails to Notion and Airtable with a simple forward. But sometimes there could be some setup issues. Some of these common issues result in your email not arriving in your Notion database or Airtable table with all your attachments and email information like sender, subject, timestamp etc.

We will go over a few common setup issues in this article and hopefully this can help you fix what is wrong.

But before we take a deep dive on the common issues, here are two things you need to know:

1. Best ways to trouble shoot - look for errors in your TaskRobin Dashboard page

In your dashboard page, there are 4 tabs - “Integrations”, “Free Resources”, “Settings” and “Account”. You should look for any error alerts primarily under the “Integrations” and “Account” tab.

2. If all else fails, talk to us on live chat

We are more than happy to help you resolve any issue you may face or if you have any questions. There might be some time difference between us but we will get to you as soon as we can. To speed up the process, let us know from which email address you are trying to save emails from in the message.

You can find our live chat option as a floating message button on the lower right hand corner of your screen on our home page.

Now, here are the solutions to some of the common issues:

Received automated email reply that your email address is not setup with TaskRobin

If your emails are not appearing in Notion or Airtable, you may receive an automated error message from TaskRobin saying that your personal email address is not yet setup with TaskRobin to save emails yet. If you have not do so, register for an account with TaskRobin, using your personal email address (or the email that you want to save emails from), then try to forward emails from that email address to TaskRobin.

If you have already registered for an account and created integrations with TaskRobin, please check that you are sending / forwarding emails from the registered email address to TaskRobin. When you have multiple personal or professional email addresses logged in in your email app, or in your web browser, you may be forwarding from the wrong account.

For example, if you have created a TaskRobin account with hello@company.com and linked your Airtable, please make sure that you are sending or forwarding emails to TaskRobin from hello @company.com, not info @company.com nor hello@company .org, or any other email addresses that you own but are not registered with TaskRobin yet.

Need to re-authenticate with Airtable from time to time

This is a frustrating issue that Airtable integration developers have been dealing with for a long while. Ever since Airtable upgraded their authentication method to enhance security, the system has been glitchy as you can see from here, here and here. And as you can see from the above Airtable Community posts, Airtable hasn’t been quite as responsive to resolve this issue from their end.

Required integration destination template is broken

Once you have linked your Notion database or Airtable table, TaskRobin will automatically create the required properties or fields to store your email information so you can easily search and filter. Hence, it is critical not to directly modify any properties or fields that are auto created by TaskRobin as part of the onboarding process. There are some instances where you will need to create new additional values in fields, but please only do so following our guides.

If you have already modified or drastically changed the pre-created data template, then the easiest solution is to delete this database or table and create a new integration with TaskRobin.

No email error message from TaskRobin but I also can’t find my emails in Notion or Airtable

If you did not receive any automated email error message from TaskRobin and you have added multiple Notion databases or Airtable tables to TaskRobin. Then there is a good chance that your email is accidentally setup to save emails to the wrong linked databases or tables.

To resolve this, please login to TaskRobin web dashboard and review all your integrations with Notion and Airtable. Please note that each integration should have a unique TaskRobin robot inbox associated with it. In other words, if you have created two integration both using emails @taskrobin.io, then your email might be saved to either of these two integrations.

Auto forwarding from Outlook and receiving auto rejection emails

If you are receiving automated error message that says “Your organization does not allow external forwarding”, you have to log in as an Outlook administrator to enable that for your organisation before you can automatically forward emails to an external email address.

This document from Microsoft 365 shows you how to allow automated forwarding from Outlook to TaskRobin by changing the admin settings.

Can’t login or reset password for TaskRobin dashboard

If you have already been using TaskRobin with the free trial but you can’t login to the web dashboard with your email address, it is most likely you have not created an account (email and password) for our web portal.

Our fast track onboarding allows you to quickly set up your integrations so you can experience streamlined workflows that TaskRobin can bring you, but you do need to sign up on the web site before you can access your dashboard.

You can simply create or sign up for an account to access your TaskRobin dashboard here. Do use the email address for any existing integrations you have so the connected apps will show up in your dashboard!

The above solutions don’t work for me

There might be something else happening with your setup. Please approach us via live chat and we will love to help you get your TaskRobin integrations to work!