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Save and Archive Email Newsletters with Notion

Newsletters are the best.

Good newsletters are short, straight to the point and extremely informative and resourceful. But have you ever taken a mental note on a particular issue to revisit but it gets lost in the thousands of emails in your inbox?

Only if there’s a way to easily archive HTML email newsletters and a system to search and retrieve those nuggets of knowledge later on? (Hint hint: TaskRobin can do this for you)

Automatically save newsletters to Notion

Let’s explore an automated archive system with Notion.so + TaskRobin.io. Notion is an extremely flexible notetaking application and TaskRobin helps you automatically save HTML email newsletters to your Notion databases. Once you save your newsletters to Notion, you can then create and customise a system to tag and organise saved newsletters by topics, interests and dates and many more!

So go ahead and make yourself a free Notion account and create a new Database in Notion.

Save emails to Notion with TaskRobin

Then sign up for a TaskRobin free-trial account (plans start from $3.99/month) and connect your email inbox with your new Notion database in 3 simple steps:

TaskRobin saves emails to Notion

  • Step 1. Enter your email inbox address on TaskRobin
  • Step 2. Create a new Notion database page
  • Step 3. Connect your Notion page in TaskRobin and pick a private TaskRobin robot inbox for yourself!

Set up auto forward

Once you have that setup, create an email rule to auto forward email newsletters from your favourite companies or creators to your robot TaskRobin inbox.

Check out our free Notion templates that help you manage emails in Notion!

Let’s recap and take the example of New York Time’s daily news briefing. Once the newsletter email arrives in your email inbox, your email rule will pick them up and auto forward to your robot TaskRobin inbox. Within a minute, TaskRobin will save the newsletter issue to your Notion database. You don’t need to do anythinig yourself at all!

There you go! You’re all set! You can setup all these in less than 30 minutes and all future issues of your favourite newsletters will be automatically saved to your Notion database via TaskRobin!