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Notion Gmail Integration

Notion Gmail Integration

With the increasing popularity of Notion, more and more Notion users are wondering if there is a Gmail integration to send emails into Notion as tasks. If you have previously used Evernote or Todoist, saving emails to your notes taking system might even seem like a second nature for you. However, Notion does not offer an official Gmail integration.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot save emails to your Notion pages and tables!

Integrate Gmail with Notion

There are some third party integrations but they are either very difficult to setup, or lacked crucial functionalities that would help you boost your productivity. This is because these third party integrations do not specifically focus on Notion and provide email integration.

TaskRobin.io is an email integration specifically built for Notion that helps you save emails to Notion from Gmail, Outlook, Spark and any other email service operator that you use.

Setup in 3 simple steps

  • Step 1. Enter your email inbox address on TaskRobin
  • Step 2. Create a new Notion database page
  • Step 3. Connect your Notion page in TaskRobin and pick a private TaskRobin robot inbox for yourself!

And voila! You’re ready to go! Save your emails by forwarding or BCC them to notion@taskrobin.io. Our robot will fetch and save your emails to your Notion page together with all your attachments, message history, email properties like timestamps and more!

TaskRobin can also track the original email URL, so you can easily navigate back to Gmail or any other web based email client that you use to act on the email. All you have to do is to copy and paste the browser tab URL before forwarding your email to your TaskRobin robot inbox to save them to Notion.

Auto forward Gmail emails to Notion

Additionally, you can also set up auto forwarding to automatically save certain emails to Notion. You can filter by a specific list of senders, if the subject line contains certain keywords, or any other email rules!

After everything has been set up, you can easily add a Board view to your Notion database and track your emails as tasks, manage and monitor using tags and collaborate with your teammates entirely in Notion!

Check out our free Notion templates that help you manage emails in Notion!

Want to get started with integrating your email workflow into Notion? Check out TaskRobin.io and join us for a 7 day free trial, no credit card required!