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How to Automatically Save Incoming Outlook Emails to Notion

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Notion is one of the best productivity and task management tools out there. It offers great flexibility and ability to customise elements to suit your workflow, but it does lack one crucial feature: the ability to easily save emails to your Notion database.

TaskRobin is an integration service that we have built to help you save emails to Notion. All you have to do is to forward your emails to a private robot inbox and all your email information such as attachments, message content, subject, sender, cc, timestamp etc will all be saved to Notion! All the email content will be directly made available in Notion so you won’t need to search for that original email in order to download its attachments.

TaskRobin saves emails to Notion

Sounds great? What’s better is that you can even automate email saving with your Outlook or Gmail rules. Since TaskRobin uploads all your forwarded emails to your Notion database, we will need to create email rules to automatically forward incoming emails to your TaskRobin address. If you are a more advanced email user, you can even set up different rules based on the sender or keywords in the subject line to automatically save emails to different Notion databases.

In this article, we are going to show you a step by step guide how to set up Outlook rules to automatically forward all inbound emails to your Notion database via TaskRobin.

Firstly, sign up for a trial TaskRobin account and link your Notion database. The on screen steps are easy to follow and should you need more help, we have a step by step video guide as well. Once you have successfully linked TaskRobin to your Notion account, you should see your Notion database in the “Integrations” tab of your TaskRobin dashboard. A TaskRobin robot email inbox of your choice, e.g. emails@taskrobin.io, will also be automatically created for you.

Configure Outlook to auto forward emails to TaskRobin

Next, we will configure your Outlook settings to have all new emails saved to Notion automatically.

Step 1. On Outlook web version, click the gears icon on the top right to open the Settings panel.

Step 2. Click “View all Outlook settings”. This should open up a new pop up that shows additional settings options.

Step 3. In the settings pop up, navigate to “Mail“ → “Forwarding”

  • In Outlook Classic web version, try “Mail” → “Accounts” → “Forwarding”

Auto forward emails to TaskRobin from Outlook

Step 4. To turn on forwarding, select Enable forwarding, enter the TaskRobin private robot email address, and select Save

  • In Outlook Classic web version, select “Start forwarding”

Step 5(Optional). Select the Keep a copy of forwarded messages check box if you want a copy of the original message to remain in your mailbox. Otherwise, all incoming messages will be redirectly to TaskRobin immediately and they won’t show up in your Outlook inbox.

Error: automatic rejection email with “Your organization does not allow external forwarding”

If you are receiving automated error message that says “Your organization does not allow external forwarding”, you have to log in as an Outlook administrator to enable that for your organisation before you can automatically forward emails to an external email address.

This document from Microsoft 365 shows you how to allow automated forwarding from Outlook to TaskRobin by changing the admin settings.


That’s it! You now have auto forwarding setup and this will help you forward all your incoming emails to TaskRobin while keeping a copy in your Outlook inbox as well. If you are looking to only automatically forward some emails based on certain criteria, you should look into Outlook email rules to create the conditions and auto forwarding actions.