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Save and Manage Email Receipts in Notion

Whether you are a business owner or a professional, you can’t run away from the mess of email receipts that constantly bombard your email inbox every now and then. They come from all over the place and it is such a pain to separate them into work expenses and personal ones so you can act accordingly.

Notion is a flexible project management tool that could help you track and manage receipts in with different tags and processes. But to first get these email receipts into Notion, you will need the help of TaskRobin - an integration service that allows you to save emails to Notion with all your attachments.

TaskRobin saves emails to Notion

TaskRobin offers free Notion templates that you could use to organise your email receipts, and many other use cases, for free once you join as a trial user. What are Notion templates? They are basically Notion management systems that you can copy and use in your own Notion account.

In TaskRobin’s Receipt Tracker template, emails are automatically saved to the Notion database via TaskRobin. Then you just need to assign a monetary value and a spending category (Work, Transport, Shopping, Healthcare etc.) to get this receipt filed in the system.

If you tag a receipt as a work expenditure in its category, you will be able to track the claim status of the receipts - from “to be submitted”, to “pending payment” and finally to “expense completed”. Never miss out on a claimable expense again!

Manage expense and claiming in Notion

The category view page is where all individual receipts for each spending category is shown. You can find out how many receipts have been saved to Notion for each category and what is the total and average spending value for that category. For example, you can find out how much you are spending on taxis using the Transport category.

Receipt management category view

There is also a calendar view in which you can view and track your receipts and spending based on the monthly calendar.

Now, you might ask, how would we save emails to Notion? This is where TaskRobin comes in. You can either manually forward email receipts to TaskRobin which will then save it in your Notion database with all your attachments, dates, subject lines, email content etc. Or you could set up an auto forward rule with your email provider (Outlook, Gmail etc.) to automatically forward receipts to TaskRobin to seamlessly save them to Notion.

Notion with TaskRobin is a great way to create and customise an automated your receipt tracking and management system. Just create a free Notion account and sign up for TaskRobin’s free trial to get this set up and never miss an important receipt again!